Roller Covering

The KOLTHOFF company was founded in the year 1886 and has been a familiar and trusted face for a long time when it comes to supplying roller coverings. Our outstanding quality, high supply reliability and high service , together with our flexibility, are highly appreciated by our customers for many years.

The patented Direct Injection Gluing method, is a method in which high-heat resistant glue is applied to the backing of the roller covering and is covered with a siliconised release paper with an overlap. In this way the glue layer is well protected from dust ensuring maximum performance of the glue layer, even when stored over a longer period.

Furthermore this self-adhesive gluing method guarantees an optimal adhesion to the steel roller, extends its life expectancy and saves a lot of time and money.

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Assortment Roller Coverings

Kolthoff offers a wide range of roller coverings and we supply more than 60 qualities from stock! Standard rollengths are either 50 or 100 mtr. The roller coverings can be supplied in standard widths of 50, 70 and 100mm. A deviating width is possible on request.

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