Tailor made roller coverings

Save money with Kolthoff’s tailor made roller coverings.

Please advise length and diameter of your loom from your machine. Call us and we will immediately calculate what your benefit will be.

Par example;
You normally buy a roll of 50mtr in width of 70mm (=3,5m²)
You have to pay: €4,50 p/m¹ x 50mtr = €225,=

Dimension of your loom
Diameter 250mm
Length 2700mm
Your standard roller covering width 70mm

Roll length 50mtr €225,-
Use 27mtr €121,50
Rest 23mtr €103,50 (not usable for another loom!)

Advantage KOLTHOFF;
Special width 77mm (€4,95)

Roll length 50mtr €247,50
Use 25mtr €123,75
Rest 25mtr €123,75 (usable for your loom!)

This saves a lot of money!

Ask for the terms and conditions.

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