Laminating & Converting


KOLTHOFF – LKB GmbH has been active for many years in the field of lamination for the technical textiles sector, as well as for the automotive and building sector. Our vast experience and knowlegde as well as our great flexibility enable us to laminate a variety of products quick and competent.

Furthermore we also have a large arsenal of adhesives including reactive polyurethane (PUR), reactive Polyolefin (POR) and several types of PSA, PO and EVA hotmelt glues.


One-sided self adhesive: Our versatile machine can coat an adhesive layer of 20 up to 200 gr/m². Because of our close cooperation with our glue supplier(s) you can count on a durable and correct lamination of your materials. In our own laboratory all products can be tested extensively.

Among others we laminate:
cotton – polyester – polyethylene – pvc – silicone – polyamide – polypropylene – viscose – nylon – EPDM – neoprene – paper – non-wovens, etc.

Some applications:

  • automotive
  • textile
  • sports
  • domestic
  • construction
  • medical
  • agriculture


realized projects



hook & Loop

climbing skin

paddet side panels

leather + foam


foam + rubber sheets

non woven + adhesive

non woven + adhesive

car floor mats

adhesive rubber rolls

adhesive rubber rolls

adhesive flock

foam + PU film

panels foam + hardboard

adhesive non woven

car mats

adhesive textile

foam + skin

EPDM + Adhesive

synthetic grass + foam

foam + skin + adhesive

installation tape

hook + Loop adhesive

adhesive sheets

car carpets adhesive







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