Roller Covering


Many decades ago, we supplied our first roller covering. At this moment we sell our roller coverings world-wide in more than 50 countries. By always putting quality first, we have become a leading manufacturer of roller coverings


Kolthoff is synonymous with quality and we realize only too well how important our product is in your production process, therefore, for all that we at Kolthoff manufacture, quality is our guiding priniciple. Kolthoff always stays true to this quality PROMISE!


Our product range includes PVC, natural and synthetic rubber, polyurethane, cork, (wool-)felt, mohair, silicone, flock and EPDM. all qualities can be supplied in different widths, and, if required, we can provide virtually any quality with self-adhesive layer.


Times are changing. In our 24-hour economy it is of the utmost importance that materials can be DELIVERED quickly. This we quarantee!


Choose your type of quality in the ‘Material’ menu below. 

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